Evangelism | Episode 68

On this episode of Theology Gals, Coleen and Angela talk about Evangelism. Before the gals get to the topic, they discuss the recent speech by Chris Pratt at the MTV Awards. They conclude the episode with a discussion about our faith and social media.

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3 thoughts on “Evangelism | Episode 68

  1. I’d heard that my FB buddy Angela was doing some fill-in work for this podcast. So, I decided to listen. We admin a FB discernment group together with a couple other people. Angela has a rare capacity to discuss theology in depth in a conversational manner.

    Here’s my feedback on this podcast from a guy’s perspective:

    1. I appreciate that there’s a podcast with healthy theological depth and a focus geared specifically for the ladies. “Theology Gals” is a great name.
    2. My first impression was that it was a one-to-one real discussion; it had structure but wasn’t a contrived narrative from a manuscript.
    3. Content was rich; it was full of intelligent narratives structured from a reformed and biblical paradigm. Often, I’ve listened to conversational podcasts with not much content. Not so here. I can listen to others and I don’t have to be a gal (smile).
    4. Excellent discussion on vocation and ministry.
    5. These broadcasts are probably very beneficial to the moms seeking relevance in the everyday routine of “mom” life both for those who work outside and inside the home and for those who have opted to be full-time stay-at-home moms.
    6. Loved the discussion on sharing gospel and pointing out that it’s not our responsibility to “save” people…especially the section on moms and sharing the gospel with their children. It seems that would be powerful for moms. In the discussion about our children who stray…it kicked me as a dad…face-raining territory.

    I think this is a great ministry with valuable content. I’ll be sharing this on my personal FB page.

  2. Much encouraged — equal parts truth (“you’re gonna fail”…lots of times) and grace….God bless!

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