Theology Gals and Bible Thumping Wingnut Network

When we started our podcast, we did so with the Bible Thumping Wingnut network. I will always be grateful to Tim Hurd and Len Pettis, for encouraging me to podcast, and giving Theology Gals a platform.

Recently on his Patreon page, Tim Hurd, in a podcast primarily about Andrew Rappaport, also said some things about Theology Gals and specifically myself. It was primarily implications based on what I believe to be assumptions. While he did not necessarily offer details, the implications were clear to many. I’d like to set the record straight, so there are no misunderstandings.

In December 2017 I informed Tim Hurd that we would be leaving the network, and we did so March 2018. We left the network for a variety of reasons, particularly so that we could have our own website. There were some other reasons which have since been painted inaccurately.

The only people I spoke with when we were making the decision to leave the network, were my co-host, family members, and a couple of friends.  When I informed Tim of our departure, he asked me not to make it public until after the first of the year, which I respected. It was only after the decision was made that I informed the Theology Gals group admins. No one else was told until it was made public.

Andrew Rappaport was not part of any discussion about whether to remain with the network. He did not know we were considering separating. He never encouraged us to leave. In fact, he never said one negative word to me about the network, or Tim Hurd. I did not inform Andrew we were leaving until approximately six weeks after I told Tim. Andrew did not speak with me about his departure from the network either. He had not even spoken with me about the split between Bible Thumping Wingnut and Striving for Eternity.

During our transition off the network, I went to Andrew for counsel regarding a situation I ran into while moving our content to our new website. It was that situation which resulted in me contacting Andrew. While he was unable to help with the situation, he did help me to improve our podcast; specifically, which equipment to purchase, the platforms we should list our podcast on and other podcasting tools. When we left the network, I had a lot to learn. That is why I thanked him for his help.

It was only later that Andrew mentioned some ideas he had about starting a podcast community, something different from a network. It was never mentioned or discussed until long after we decided to leave BTWN.

I am not privy to all the details of the situation between Andrew Rappaport, and Tim Hurd. Some of what was implied on the recent podcast, the parts I was involved with, were not accurate.

I regret having to publish this statement. I do so as both situations are public and have resulted in confusion about Theology Gals. I have received multiple inquiries about the recent publications of my blog posts on the website and regarding the recent podcast episode.

I know Tim Hurd was disappointed at the news of our departure from the network. While initially it was our intention to remain with the network long term, due to changes and hopes for the future of Theology Gals, we believe it was in the best interest of our podcast to separate. We had several reasons for doing so. We did not have any personal issue with the network, Tim Hurd or anyone else part of or associated with BTWN.

This is the only time I plan to speak of this. I will not be responding to private inquiries about the situation.

~Coleen Sharp

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